Condensed guidance for museums about Coronavirus and a few positive stories for how people are responding.

This week we launched a dedicated newsletter, to provide you with condensed guidance from trusted information sources regarding Coronovirus. We have interspersed these with positive stories of how people are adapting to the current situation.

Read our special newsletter for museums and heritage organisations

In this newsletter:

  • NVCO guidance
  • Chancellors business update
  • Accreditation advice and Arts Council update
  • Our programme adjustments
  • Emergency planning and communications strategies
  • Ways to keep in touch with your team
  • Ideas for things to work on for your museum while self isolating

We also have news on useful hashtags, singing from your sofa, penguins, quarantine bingo, ‘community help’ postcards and some more positive stories from the museum and heritage sector!

If you or a colleague are having problems reading our newsletter, please get in touch and we will be happy to post a hard copy.

We are currently all working at normal capacity.  To email us, please use the form on our website and use the dropdown ‘COVID-19’. Please do get in touch!