Branding and Communications Guide – April 2021

Use this guide when using our logo if you are involved in any of our projects and programmes and acknowledge South West Museum Development correctly.

You can also download the guide as a PDF.


You can download the South West Museum Development Logo here. (Right click the image and select ‘Save picture as’)


Please refer to our organisation as South West Museum Development. It can be abbreviated to SWMD if the full name has been mentioned already.

To reduce confusion, please avoid using the following variants:

  • SW Museum Development
  • SW Museums
  • South West Museums
  • South West Museums Development
  • South West MD
  • Southwest Museum Development
  • South West Museum Development Programme

Minimum size

To ensure it is legible, the logo must not been shown any smaller than the minimum sizes of 15mm (print) and 85 pixels (digital).

Order of funder logos

If you are part of a South West Museum Development led project or grant scheme, please acknowledge it by using the South West Museum Development logo, followed by any funders.

As South West Museum Development is funded by Arts Council England, it is often followed by the Arts Council England logo and should be presented as below:

SWMD and ACE logos

Arts Council England’s logo and guidance information can be found via the following web page: Ensure when using the Arts Council England logo, it is in accordance with their usage guidelines. Please use the logo called ‘Grant Award Logo’ which looks like this:

ACE logo


Please don’t alter the colour of the logo.

If you wish to match the colour, please use the following details for South West Museum Development blue:

  • RGB  [ R0 G126 B152 ]
  • Hex [ #007e98 ]
  • Pantone [2231 C]


Please don’t edit the logo in any way, and ensure when enlarging or reducing the size of the logo the proportions are kept the same.


If you require any other versions of the logo, or have any questions about how it should be used, please contact us at [email protected].