Good Business Planning Campaign

Is your Business Plan robust enough to face current challenges?

Does your Business Plan speak to the ambition of your museum?

Could your Business Plan help you make the case to a funder?

If you answered ‘NO’ to any of the questions above and you are an Accredited, provisionally Accredited or formally working towards Accreditation museum in the areas below then you are eligible to take part in our first roll out of the Good Business Planning Campaign.

The South West Museum Development programme (SWMD) is looking to work with up to 20 museums in this first year of the Good Business Planning Campaign. We have designed this programme to ensure your museum’s Forward Plan (which may be called a Business Plan), is a responsive and effective document, which will help you meet the immediate and future challenges you may face.

The review of your plan will be aligned to the requirements of the UK Museum Accreditation Scheme so will support you in the next return. Find out more about the scheme and access Technical Advice from the South West Museum Development team.

However this process is about more than ticking boxes. This review will look at the effectiveness of the plan as a key document from which a wide range of decisions and actions are taken. An effective plan needs to speak to your team, your audiences and provide transparency for how you make choices and deploy resources

We are bringing together a range of experts to ensure the specific context of your organisation directly informs the review process. This team includes the Accreditation Technical Advisor, SWMDP lead on Financial Resilience and the Museum Development Officer for your area. Participants will be provided with report of the assessment, highlighting areas of strength and making recommendations on how to strengthen it further. The report will be shared with the named contact and Director, Service Manager or Chair of the applicant organisation.

We would encourage participants to speak to their Museum Development Officer (MDO) to access further advice on implementing the recommendations of the report. Your MDO can also highlight further opportunities such as the SWMDP training and small grant programme.

The results of your review will not be shared beyond the named contact and senior representative of the museum and your MDO. However, the collective information gathered as a result of these reviews will directly inform the design and focus of support provided by the South West Museum Development programme to ensure resources are deployed to the priorities of the museum sector in the south west.

Are you eligible to apply?

The Campaign is open to museums that are Accredited, provisionally Accredited or formally working towards Accreditation in the following local authority areas:

Bristol City Council
Bath and North East Somerset Council
Cheltenham Borough Council
Cotswold District Council
Forest of Dean District Council
Gloucester City Council
South Gloucestershire Council
Stroud District Council
Swindon Borough Council
Tewkesbury Borough Council
Wiltshire Council

Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisations are not eligible for this programme at this time.

How to apply

Before you apply you should read the Expression of Interest form. If you would like to discuss the Campaign, please contact Jason Finch, Senior Museum Development Officer [email protected] / 0117 922 4653.

To apply to take part in the Campaign, please complete the Expression of Interest form and return it to Jason Finch, Senior Museum Development Officer [email protected] no later than 10am on Monday 5 November 2018.