Museum Accreditation Update

Roz Bonnet, 22.10.2018

In early 2017 Arts Council England instigated a review of the Accreditation scheme. Key updates about the refreshed Accreditation scheme have been announced!

Returns schedule:

Arts Council has published the new returns schedule for the scheme which can be viewed here:  Museums asked Arts Council to increase the time between individual returns, and in response they’ve extended their timetables from three to five years. This means that you’ll have a new return deadline during 2018-2024.

The refreshed standard: 

The refreshed standard is to be launched in Coventry at 3.30pm on Thursday 1 November.  Any museum or mentor in the south west who would like to attend should contact regional Technical Accreditation Adviser Vicky Dawson at [email protected] and South West Museum Development Programme Officer Roz Bonnet at [email protected]

The standard and the accompanying guidance has been reviewed to make it simpler, more focused and with more clarity around what museums are required to do and what they should submit to evidence that they meet the standard.

There will also be new guidance on constitutions, which will clarify the types of constitution that are acceptable for museums meeting the standard.

The guidance, templates and case studies in the Accreditation section of the Collections Trust website is also being refreshed in response to the revised scheme.

Further information, advice and support: 

Arts Council will be organising a briefing session in the south west in the near future (details to be announced soon) and South West Museum Development as the regional Accreditation advisory service will be running further briefings so that museums throughout the region can access information about the refreshed standard.

In the meantime if you have any questions about the scheme please contact us at [email protected] 


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