Museum Skills PLUS: An Introduction to Animation

Sarah Madden, 13.11.2018

Book for Museum Skills PLUS: An Introduction to Animation
Tue 27 November 10am-4pm at The New Room, Bristol

The UK has enjoyed a long love affair with animation and has offered the world some exceptional talent. From husband and wife team John Halas & Joy Batchelor (1954’s Animal Farm) to British studio Cosgrove Hall (Danger Mouse, The Wind in the Willows) and of course multi-award winning Bristol based company Aardman (Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run) whose impact on modern animation has been profound.

As part of Anim18’s UK-wide celebration of British animation and in collaboration with Cardiff based animator and facilitator Lauren Orme, we’re offering a free workshop for Accredited museums in the South West, which will introduce staff and volunteers to the creative potential of animation.

Whether you want the opportunity to explore your own creativity or are in need of inspiration for education and family sessions, we’ll be covering the basics in this beginner’s session.

Learn a potted history of the medium, get hands-on with some stop motion and explore the potential of augmented reality and digital media. Plus, leave with a set of free resources to help put what you’ve learned into practice.

This is a one-off event which has been made possible by Anim18. The workshop will be held in central Bristol at the visitor centre adjoining The New Room: John Wesley’s Chapel, the oldest Methodist building in the world.

We hope to see a variety of museum staff and volunteers from across the South West, in what promises to be a fun and creative event as part of our wider Museum Skills programme.

Book for Museum Skills PLUS: An Introduction to Animation, or email us with any questions about the session.


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