Plan to get to the heart of the matter

Roz Bonnet, 24.10.2018

As part of our new programme for 2018-22 South West Museum Development is seeking to delve more deeply into how to support the organisational and financial health of museums in the region.

Decreasing resources alongside increased competition for funding amplifies the importance of effective planning.  A business plan should work not just for your organisation as a management tool but to help the whole team communicate the purpose and objectives of your museum to a wide range of stakeholders and funders.

So, from 2018-2022 South West Museum Development is allocating more time and resources to support museums in their Business or Forward Planning and the prioritisation of key development areas for implementation.  New programmes of support include the Good Business Planning Campaign and the Business Diagnostic pilot.  Working with expertise across the SWMD team, who have reviewed and supported hundreds of museums to fine tune and develop their planning, The Good Business Planning Campaign is open to up to 20 museums to develop and enhance their plan. In tandem we are launching a pilot Business Diagnostic, a form of museum ‘MOT’ that provides analysis across key themes to develop a targeted programme of development support. The package of development support may be accompanied by investment through our new Development Fund.

Both the Campaign and the Diagnostic programmes are targeted at museums in the Wiltshire, West of England (Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset) and Gloucestershire areas (including South Gloucestershire) during 2018/19. These programmes are supported with accompanying SW Museum Essentials Skills training in developing fundraising strategies, taking place in Bristol and Chippenham, and a session on charity finance in Bristol.

In tandem with our focus on stronger planning and prioritisation we are pleased to be working in partnership with Cornwall Museum Partnership on our Heritage Lottery funded Rural Proofing Resilience programme of work across the four areas of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset.  A wide range of skills opportunities on Marketing, Business Planning, Finance, Governance and Leadership will be open to museums and heritage organisations as part of the project.  Bookings for Marketing workshops in November and December are open now.

To find out more about our resilience programmes please contact us on [email protected] or call 0117 922 4653.


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