This resource provides museums and their Accreditation Mentor with a template to cover all the recommended points to be included in the agreement which governs their interactions within Arts Council England’s Accreditation Scheme.

Museums which do not employ qualified museum professionals are required to access support on professional museum matters through the appointment of an Accreditation Mentor (see Accreditation Guidance, 2018, section 1.3, pp 26-28)

It is strongly recommended that the relationship between the museum and its mentor is governed by a formal agreement, signed by both parties and reviewed annually.  The agreement sets out the role and responsibilities of both parties, ensuring the relationship is established on a firm footing and shared understanding.

To use the template, the square brackets [ ] indicate where you are required to insert information pertinent to your museum.

This is an example template. Adapt this document to correspond to your own guidelines, working practices and policies.

Accreditation Mentor Agreement

This agreement is between the governing body of [name of your museum], Accreditation number [AN or T number] and [name of Accreditation Mentor]

Museum details

Name of museum contact person: [name of contact]

Museum address: [address of museum]

Museum telephone: [museum telephone number]

Email address: [email address of contact person and of museum]

Website [URL]

Accreditation Mentor details

Name of mentor: [name of mentor]

Mentor address: [address of mentor]

Mentor telephone: [mentor telephone number]

Email address: [mentor email address]


Accreditation status of museum

Date museum entered Accreditation: [date when Accreditation/eligibility first awarded, if known]

Date of last Accreditation assessment: [date]

Accreditation number: [AN or T number]

Current status: [Full/Provisional/WTA]


Responsibilities of the Accreditation Mentor

I will advise the museum on obtaining Accreditation and from then on support the museum in maintaining the standard. In order to provide a framework for this activity I will:

  • Carry out an annual Accreditation review with the museum, looking at the forward plan and discussing the museum’s advice needs for the coming years and help the museum source that advice
  • Endorse and sign Accreditation applications and returns
  • Visit the museum a minimum of twice a year of which one visit will be a governing body meeting

In order to support the museum I will:

  • Make contact details available and communicate with the museum
  • Be available or let the museum know if my availability changes
  • Keep up to date with current professional standards or know how to access further advice and information
  • Be an advocate for the museum
  • Support the museum in accessing networks and engaging with the wider museum community
  • Not advise outside my areas of expertise but direct the museum to other sources of advice
  • Act professionally and maintain confidentiality at all times


Responsibilities of the Museum

We are committed to being an Accredited Museum and recognise the need for the support of a museum professional.  To gain full benefit from this relationship we will:

  • Work within the Accreditation standard
  • Work on the annual Accreditation review with the mentor, looking at the forward plan and discussing the museum’s advice needs for the coming years
  • Consult the mentor regularly and use their expertise
  • Involve the mentor in drawing up our Forward/Business plan as agreed
  • Invite the mentor to Trustee meetings with due notice and allow him/her to comment on issues under discussion or of concern
  • Advise the mentor of any change in circumstances relating to Accreditation
  • Allow the mentor access to all areas of the museum’s work and all the people working for the museum
  • Keep the mentor informed through:
    • All Trustee board papers and minutes, circulated in a timely manner before and after the meetings
    • Other relevant committee minutes as agreed
    • General mailings and information


Review and termination

 Both the museum and the mentor recognise that circumstances change and that either party has a right to withdraw from this agreement.  Either party will give a minimum of one calendar months’ notice of their intention to terminate the agreement.



 Every effort will be made to clear up any misunderstanding or grievance through dialogue in the first instance.

If this or formal written complaints do not clear the matter up, with the agreement of both parties, a third party can be approached to support finding a resolution.  This may be a Trustee not involved in the matter or a nominee from South West Museum Development, as agreed by both parties to the dispute.



Both the museum and the mentor will strive to develop a positive on-going working relationship.


Chair of governing body

Signed: [signature]

Print name: [NAME]

Date: [date]


Museum Mentor

Signed: [signature]

Print name: [NAME]

Date: [date]



Museum: [Museum name]

Overview of the collection:

[can be taken from the Collections Development Policy]

The main services the museum provides:

[list the main ones only]

Museum Mentor:

 Background and experience:

[brief CV]

Key skills:

[areas of particular expertise]

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