Audience data checklist

Here are a series of questions to help you identify what you already know about your audiences, where the gaps are and prioritise what you would like to find out.

Getting ready for audience research

This guide provides tips and tools for staff and volunteers who want to introduce or expand audience research within their museum.

Free resources to support audience research

What other free resources can support your work on audience research?  

Free cloud based productivity tools for registered charities

A short guide on what is currently available for charities from the two tech giants Microsoft and Google.

Evaluating Audience Impact

This resource will show you how to gather relevant information to demonstrate the difference that you make to your audiences. 

Case Study – Bath’s Underground History Unlocked by Volunteers

A case study on increasing volunteer numbers at the Museum of Bath Stone, through a specialist programme including a range of volunteer roles.

Digital Heritage Hub

AMA and Culture Hive's hub of resources on all things digital, from planning to engagement.

Top Tips in Audience Development

Tips to help you at different stages of your audience data gathering journey.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Roadmap

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Roadmap can be used to take an organisation-wide approach to change and placing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the heart of what museums do