The Museum Life of Pests animation was developed by South West Museum Development as part of the Pest Partners project, supporting museums and heritage sites in the South West of England to identify, manage and treat pests in their collections.

Watch our 5 minute animation, available with captions and with Audio Description, to help museums and other heritage organisations protect their collections by developing pest management plans, known as Integrated Pest Management. This animation, populated by fun pest characters, is packed with information but provides an easy way to get to grips with the actions museums need to take to protect our heritage.

Animated by Kilogramme Animation Studio. Created with generous support from Art Fund.

Download the full transcript (Word Document)

This below version is Audio Described providing a description of the visual things happening on screen for the benefit of blind or partially sighted people and those who may need additional explanation of the visual elements of the film. The Audio Description for this film was created by VocalEyes, and part-funded by an Arts Council National Lottery project grant (100 Videos Described).

Download the full transcript with Audio Description (Word Document)