South West Museum Development Programme

Collections: Pest Partners How-to Video Guides: Setting up a blunder trap

Our Conservation Development Officer, Helena Jaeschke, explains how to set up a blunder trap

Working with freelancers: Contracts, work plans and working effectively

How to protect and reassure both the museum and the freelancer through a contract, and ensure good working practice

Working with freelancers: How to write an effective freelance brief

A guide to writing a clear, realistic brief for a freelancer, and what to include

Working with freelancers: Principles checklist

A checklist demonstrating the key principles involved in commissioning and working with freelancers

Collections: Guide to wearing gloves when working with museum collections

Frequently asked questions about gloves in your collections and how to wear them safely

Accreditation: The Accreditation Mentor report – guidance and format

This resource provides advice to Accreditation Mentors on what they should include in the report they submit to Arts Council England

Accreditation: Mentor-museum agreement template

This template is a suggested agreement between a museum and their Accreditation mentor

Accreditation: How to get the best from your relationship with your Accreditation Mentor

Our resource detailing what a museum can expect from their Accreditation Mentor and how to make the most of their expertise.