South West Museum Development Programme

Accreditation: Guidelines for an annual review for museums and their Accreditation Mentors

Our guide for Accreditation Mentors on how to conduct a successful annual Accreditation review.

Accreditation: Accreditation Mentors – Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out about the role of Accreditation Mentors? Read our FAQ document to learn more.

Digital: Planning a website build project

Our guide on what to consider when planning to build or redesign your museum website

Collections: Old year tasks and New Year resolutions

Our guide to some tasks you should do to look after your collections before you lock up for your winter break

Volunteering: Working with young volunteers – What to think about before you begin

Our guide to help you safely plan your work with young volunteers in your museum

Volunteering: Your safeguarding policy and safe working procedures

Our guide to safeguarding policies and safe working procedures when working with young volunteers

Volunteering: Volunteer agreement template

A template for volunteer managers to adapt to use with their own volunteer team

Collections: Preparing your museum and collections for winter

Our guide to help you when closing up your museum for winter, to ensure your collections are safe and well looked after.

Volunteering: Where are you now? – Volunteer management checklist

Our checklist can help review your museum’s volunteer management and identify any gaps