This volunteer agreement template has been produced with our Sustainable Volunteering Officer, Eleanor Moore. This is an example volunteer agreement that can be amended, adapted and personalised by volunteer managers to use with their volunteer team.

Volunteering Template: Volunteer Agreement

[museum name] Volunteer Agreement

[museum name] welcomes and appreciates the contribution of volunteers.

As a volunteer with [museum name] you can expect:

  • A welcoming, stimulating and creative museum environment in which to volunteer
  • A full induction to the museum
  • A safe environment
  • The chance to gain new skills and use existing ones
  • To be treated fairly and with respect
  • Reimbursement of any reasonable out of pocket expenses
  • Recognition and appreciation of your contribution

We hope you will:

  • Enjoy your time at [museum name] and carry out your role to the best of your ability
  • Support the museum’s aims/vision
  • Be committed, doing your best to come in as arranged and giving reasonable notice if you are unavailable
  • Be flexible
  • Keep us informed of any problems encountered during your time with us. We encourage you to ask questions if you are unsure of any tasks and to let us know if things are not as you expected.

We expect staff and volunteers to treat each other and museum visitors fairly and with respect regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, parental or marital status, disability, religion, colour, race, ethnic or national origins, or socio/economic background.

This agreement is a statement of values, not intended to be a legally binding contact or a contract of employment between us.

[museum name – date MM YYYY]

Download the template below (Word document):