Please read our updates and practical guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19) for South West museums.

South West Museum Skills Essentials training 2021/22

The SW Museum Skills Essentials Online Summer training sessions are now open for booking. View the latest training sessions below.

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About SW Museum Skills Essentials Online Training

Our training is currently being held online, aiming to be responsive and supportive during these challenging times. Our sessions are designed to help your museum and its workforce respond to the current situation and plan for the future. We may repeat some sessions, recognising a phased approach across the sector to returning to work/volunteer roles and re-opening.

Our sessions are for staff and volunteers in museums within Arts Councils Accreditation scheme in the South West and non-Accredited sites from contributing Local Authority areas. This includes furloughed staff. For further information, see the Government guidance on the furlough scheme and training attendance. If we are unsure about your eligibility, we may contact you before confirming your booking.

Information on previous sessions delivered as part of the Museum Skills programme are available on request.

We recognise that your development priorities may have now changed in the last few months. We are asking for your feedback to inform future SW Museum Skills training. Let us know what your immediate and forthcoming training priorities are by sharing your feedback here.