Hacking Through the Ethics of Fundraising

This session is a chance to discuss ethics in fundraising and produce a ethical fundraising statement

Wednesday 26th February 2020   09.45-13.00

Harbourside Pavilion, Bristol

This is a hack event on the ethics of fundraising. Rather than being told what the ethics are, attendees will work in small groups to discuss the issues, decide what they think the ethics are and what an ethical funder is. Each group will use these discussions to produce an ethical fundraising statement by the end of the day.

The session is aimed at those in museums, both in paid roles and as volunteers, who are responsible for income generation and who want to discuss the issues of ethics in regards to fundraising. It is also aimed at those who have a keen interest in ethical issues in relation to the sector and want to have the chance to discuss them in regards to fundraising.

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