Your collections and social media

Thursday 9th September 2021  10:30 – 12:30
Via Zoom

About the session:

This is an interactive online session – 18 places available.

This short session will be an overview of engaging audiences with your collections on social media. We will focus on three channels: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Including:

  • An delve into collections specific activity in the past year, unpacking what makes a good post, profile and engagement and identifying the differences between each platform and their audiences.
  • We look at considerations for planning your collections content that acknowledges platform differences.
  • The session concludes with a look at audience behaviours, evaluating and gaining insights into your engagement and how this can help inform your growth.

Note: we require that every attendee send a link to a social media post about collections that they liked to us before the session (can be on either Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and from any organisation).

Who should attend?

This ‘essentials’ session is suitable for those who currently work with creating content online related to museum collections. Particularly engaging with social media or if embarking on digitisation projects with one of the outputs being to engage audiences online.

This is not designed for those with an advanced use of social media and who are sufficiently confident with engaging audiences online and do this as their everyday work.