Foundations of EDI: Bias, Privilege, Microaggressions

Delegates will leave these workshops understanding their own lived experience and how this will impact on others around them

South West Museum Development Programme

Three sticky notes, one reading 'diversity', one 'equality' and another 'inclusion'About the session 

Date: 18 June 2024

Time: 10:00-13:00 

Format: Via Zoom

This session is an opportunity to explore how, as individuals, we show up in the workplace and impact on the wider society through our own lens of Bias, Privilege Microaggressions and Belonging. We explore these subjects over a 3-hour session and the delegates will leave these workshops understanding their own lived experience and how this will impact on others around them. This workshop will empower team members and people leaders to build awareness for better inclusion by understanding their own privilege and biases and build sustainable change into their everyday responsibilities, in and outside of the workplace. This will enable delegates to become better allies within a diverse and inclusive organisation and society.

Who should attend? 

This session is an introduction to EDI and is therefore suitable for beginners to achieve a core foundational understanding of EDI.

What will you learn? 

Key learns

  • A thorough understanding of why EDI is and will continue to be part of the conversations in society and the workplace
  • An understanding of privilege and how to use it to power up others
  • An understanding of bias, their blind spot areas and an exploration of how to manage bias
  • An understanding microaggressions and stopping them from happening

How does this meet the Accreditation standard?  

8.3 To have a plan for developing your range of users.

About the trainer 

Sarah Greaves, EDI Facilitator, will be the main contact for this project. Sarah will work with you to understand the need, design workshops and deliver them. Sarah is our main workshop facilitator and has successfully delivered workshops for Inclusive Recruiting on a number of topics, including EDI Foundations, Microaggressions, Bias, Privilege, Inclusive Leadership and Inclusive Recruitment. Prior to joining Inclusive Recruiting, Sarah spent 20 years working in the public sector where she delivered workshops and programmes on youth services, mental health and advocacy.