Grantium – the new portal for submitting your Accreditation forms

In May 2019 Arts Council England have changed the way Accreditation applications and returns are made. You will now need to apply through Grantium.

Arts Council England are no longer accepting hard copies or e-mail versions of documents.

Below are our top tips to help you file your applications or returns:

  1. Check if anyone in your organisation has applied through Grantium in the last three years. If so you will already have an Applicant Profile.
  2. If your museum has never used Grantium before, your museum will need to create an Applicant Profile.  To do this you will need a copy of your museum’s constitution and bank account information.
  3. Plan Ahead. There is a 10 day validation period for your Applicant Profile to be approved.
  4. The person inputting the application/return and the person responsible for accepting the Accreditation award on Grantium will need to create individual User Accounts. This can be the same person, but the person accepting the award must have authority to sign contracts on behalf of the museum.
  5. Always ensure that more than one person has access to the Applicant Profile – in case that person moves on from your organisation.
  6. All documents must be uploaded through Grantium. There is an additional attachments section to use at the end for anything extra that has not already been covered on the form.

Download a copy of the Standard and full Accreditation guidance.

Need help?

If you have any trouble accessing the form or any other technical difficulties with it, your first contact should be Arts Council England’s Customer Services.

Contact your local Museum Development Officer for help with the Standard and the content of the application/return if you need advice.