Accreditation Mentors provide specialist support with the Accreditation applications and returns (every 5 years)

Arts Council England advises that all museums should have access to qualified professional staff for support in all aspects of Accreditation. For smaller museums this can be an Accreditation Mentor who can provide specialist advice.

Finding an Accreditation Mentor for your museum

Get in touch and we can help you find a mentor and ensure you get the right support when working to gain and maintain Accreditation.

Interested in becoming an Accreditation Mentor?

Do you have a minimum of three years professional experience in the museum sector? Becoming an Accreditation Mentor is a great way for Continuing Professional Development. It is an opportunity to share your professional experiences and be a valued source of support for a smaller museum.

As a Sector Support Organisation we help connect museum professionals to a suitable museum so get in touch and we can start the conversation.