About the Annual Museum Survey

We have devised a system to analyse baseline data on museums and present this in the form of our Annual Museum Survey. We are now commissioned to provide the Annual Museum Survey across the country, providing consistent data sets.

Each year we launch a survey, asking museums within the Accreditation scheme to provide core data on:

  • Workforce
  • Finance
  • Audiences
  • Insights related to the governance type and scale of museum

This data helps to prove the social and economic value of museums, both locally and nationally. It also helps museums to benchmark their work.

By encouraging museums and heritage organisations to adopt a simple and uniform way of reporting their headline operational data, we have collated a dataset that will enable museums to compare and benchmark themselves anonymously and confidentially to others in the museum sector.

Our surveys allow us to understand the impact of the museum and heritage sector across England and to advocate to funding bodies and government to sustain investment in the sector.