What we offer:

Through our in depth experience in the sector we have devised intuitive and adaptable training sessions, evaluation methods and data insights for museums. We are available to deliver additional bespoke work on a case by case basis.

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Annual Survey of Museums

We have devised a system to analyse baseline data on museums in the South West and present this in the form of our Annual Survey. We are now commissioned to provide the Annual Survey of Museums across the country, providing consistent data sets.

Audience Evaluation

Support is available to cultural organisations across the region with Audience Evaluation for project work and major events. Using our South West Visitor Insights platform we work with organisations to develop evaluation frameworks, gather insights and map who their audiences are.

Bespoke Training

We deliver a wide range of training through our SW Museum Skills sessions throughout the year.

Museums or museum networks can commission South West Museum Development thematic officers to deliver training at £250 for a half day and £400 for a full day.

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