Our Small Grant: Big Improvement is now open for applications!

We know that a small amount of money can make a big difference to museums and the communities in which they work.

We fund projects that address one of the three strands of Arts Council England’s Accreditation Scheme:

  • Organisational health
  • Managing collections
  • Users and their experiences

Grants available:

  • Individual museums – up to £1,000 with 25% match funding
  • Partnerships of museums or museum networks – up to £7,000 with 25% match funding

Is my museum or network eligible to apply?

Your museum must:

  • Be in the South West of England
  • Be Accredited, provisionally Accredited or officially Working Towards Accreditation
  • NOT be an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation or be in direct receipt of National Portfolio Organisation funding
  • Be in a local authority area whose council financially supports the South West Museum Development Programme*, as it is this additional investment that makes this grant scheme possible. See our funders page to check if your museum is in a local authority contributing area
  • Have already completed the 2018/19 South West Museum Development Annual Museum Survey return or submit the survey return as part of the application

If applying as a network you must:

  • Be in the South West of England
  • Directly serve the needs of museum and heritage organisations e.g. a county museum group
  • Have officers elected by the membership
  • Hold its own bank account to administer the grant

How can I find out more?

Please see the applicant guidance

How do I submit an application?

Applications are to be made using the below form along with a copy of their current Forward/ Business Plan.

Application Form

Deadline 12 Noon Friday 3 April 2020.

For further information please get in touch

*Please note the Local Authority investors shown are for the financial period 2019/20. Investors for the 2020/21 period are currently being confirmed – there are a final few who will confirm in the coming weeks. To double check if you’re Local Authority has confirmed contribution please contact us at [email protected]

 Case Studies:

screenshot case study - Crofton