Our Audiences and Insights Officer, Rachel Miller, provides practical support for museums to understand their existing and potential audiences and how to engage them.

Rachel can support you with:

  • Detailed and bespoke advice on audience development and planning
  • Support and site visits for audience development scoping
  • South West Visitor Insights audience evaluation
  • Connecting museums with national support networks
  • Signposting to our resources and relevant sector information

Rachel provides training through our SW Museum Skills sessions and museum county networks.

 South West Visitor Insights is our flexible audience evaluation programme.  Tailored to work particularly well for organisations who have fewer than 20,000 visitors and have a volunteer workforce and operate seasonally.

Using South West Visitor Insights will help you to:
• Have a clear understanding of who your current audiences are
• Increase your audiences by targeting and tailoring your offer
• Write informed, evidence based funding applications
• Advocate to current and potential partners about the reach of your audiences
• Prioritise areas of work e.g. programming and outreach
• Spend limited marketing budgets more effectively
• Engage with new audiences locally and nationally
• Understand why people engage, their interests and what they value
• Understand the impact of tourism on your audiences

If you would like more information on how we can support your museum’s audience and insights work please get in touch.