We deliver targeted training for people working in museums of all shapes and sizes to help connect, follow best practice, and learn new skills

South West Museum Development Programme

South West Museum Skills training 2024

Our interactive Skills programme offers a blend of online and in-person training sessions that cover a range of vital skills and best practices for anyone working or volunteering in the museum sector. Skills training sessions are usually delivered by our team, supported by external partners, on four key areas:

  • Organisational health
  • Managing collections
  • Users and their experiences
  • Equity, diversity and equality

Information on previous sessions delivered as part of the SW Museum Skills programme is available on request.

If you are unable to attend interactive training sessions, please take a look at our e-learning content, which is self-directed and available 24 hours a day.

Bespoke Training

Museums or museum networks can commission Museum Development South West specialists to deliver training at £250 for a half day and £400 for a full day.

Get in touch to find out how we might be able to work with you.