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We are pleased to announce that the autumn programme of our SW Museum Skills training is now open for bookings! Autumn is the perfect time to learn new skills and improve your knowledge, as your prepare your plans for 2024. From Managing Volunteer Teams to Strategic Interpretation Planning for Engaging Exhibitions, you will find something which benefits you and your museum. If you missed out on Accreditation: Preparing for your Return in the spring you’ll be glad to hear that we’re bringing it back for autumn. 

The autumn programme of SW Museum Skills also includes training as part of Travelling Together, our new project to help museums reach a wider range of people in new ways by developing skills, confidence, and aptitudes. If you’re a trustee, staff member or volunteer and you have gaps in your EDIB understanding, awareness, or skills that you want to address, these training sessions are designed just for you. We encourage you to sign up for all three sessions, as each session builds on learning from the previous session.

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