As part of Roots & Branches, a collaboration between The Carbon Literacy Project, Museum Development England and Manchester Museum, the ‘Seeds for Action’ programme aims to connect Carbon Literate Certified museum people across England to develop and build on their carbon reduction strategies and approaches to taking climate action.

This online programme, using Museum Development Programme funding from Arts Council England, is a chance to share your experiences of and ask others about the nitty gritty of implementing climate action around various areas of work. By pooling our collective expertise and resources, we can save ourselves time and money, and tackle the climate emergency more effectively together.

Museum Development North West are delivering a series of Carbon Literacy Connect and Co-working Sessions to help you to carve out time to work on climate actions with peer support from fellow delegates, and a series of thematic Online Collective Workshops focusing on how we can build connections to support our climate work. This programme will culminate in a Seeds for Action: Celebration Event on Wednesday 13 March 2024.

There are a limited number of places available on the workshops – book now to secure your place.

 Carbon Literacy Connect and Co-working Sessions

As part of our commitment to supporting the Carbon Literate community of museum people, Museum Development are scheduling regular Connect and Co-working Sessions to support continued working with peers to explore and take climate action. The sessions are split into two parts –

Part 1: A chance for anyone who wants to, to share:

  • Your current and future plans for taking climate action
  • Any positive steps you have made
  • Any challenges you’ve faced or areas where you are looking for support
  • Any interesting and inspiring examples of relevant work you’ve seen happening in the sector and beyond

Part 2: We know that finding time to do this work is one of the biggest barriers for many people. We want to help you to carve out some protected time to do this work. For the second part of the sessions, you are invited to stay for some dedicated co-focus time. We will all use this time to individually work on our Carbon Literacy and other climate actions or related activities. Towards the end of the sessions, we will have a quick check-in, so you can share any progress or issues if you want to.

Practicalities: These are informal sessions, and you are welcome to stay for as long as you like. There is no pressure to share if you just want to come along and be inspired by others. Please don’t worry if you feel you haven’t made much progress on taking climate action so far – this is not a test, and maybe this session can help get the ball rolling!

You can book your place on the January session here:

Wednesday 17 January 2024, 10-11.30am via zoom


Online Collective Workshops

At these thematic Workshops, we’ll be looking at how we can encourage positive conversations which lead to action within in our own organisations, with external partners, and with our audiences. There will be lightning talks from your fellow Carbon Literacy course graduates, and time to connect with others tackling similar issues.

During the sessions we will collectively explore:

  • What are the challenges to taking action and how are we overcoming them?
  • What is making a positive difference and having the biggest impact in our organisations?
  • What research are we doing and what data is being gathered?
  • What useful templates, tools and top tips can we share with each other?

Sustainable Retail

This workshop focuses on how we can make our museum retail offer more sustainable whilst affordable for visitors.

This session is for you if you are interested in sharing experiences around;

  • Exploring alternative product ranges, finding sustainable suppliers and working with local makers
  • Reducing single-use plastics for products and packaging
  • Shop furniture and fit-out

Book your place here:

Tuesday 30 January 2024, 10-11.30am via Zoom


Collections Care and Climate

Join us to find out how museums are taking action to make their collection care practices more environmentally friendly. How can we protect our collections, whilst also reducing our carbon footprint? What evidence and data are being collected to support these changes?

This session is for you if you are interested in sharing experiences around;

  • The practicalities of changing how you look after collections
  • How we can advocate for making changes to collection care practices

Book your place here:

Thursday 29 February 2024, 10-11.30am via Zoom


Seeds for Action – Celebration Event

As part of Roots & Branches, the Seeds for Action Programme has been developed to connect Carbon Literate Certified museum people across England (and further afield) to develop and build on their carbon reduction strategies and approaches to taking climate actions.

Brilliant work is being done across the museum sector to reduce our carbon footprint. We round off a year of Seeds for Action Collective Workshops with a celebration event. Come along to meet and be inspired by others who are taking positive climate action, share the success stories and lessons learnt by graduates of the Carbon Literacy courses.

Book your place here:

Wednesday 13th March 10.00am-12.30pm via Zoom