The 2020 Annual Museum Survey reports from across England have now been published.

In 2019/20 the survey was more important than ever as we sought to gain insights of the impacts of the pandemic.  The 2020 survey gathered data from 1st April 2019 – 31st March 2020 and provides an important baseline from which the impact of closure and the gradual phased reopening of museums across 2020-21 can be better understood. 

The purpose of the Annual Museum Survey 2020

We run this survey to predominantly collect quantitative data, which represents the audiences, workforce and financial operational context of Accreditation museums and those Working Towards Accreditation (WTA) across England.  This data is valuable for gaining an understanding of museums in their locality and in a regional and national context.  Analysis of the data can inform a benchmark for participant museums year on year and identify trends across the sector at a regional and national level.  

Our Annual Museum Survey 2020 – South West

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Data and privacy statements

South West Museum Development (Bristol City Council) is commissioned by each Museum Development region to deliver the Annual Museum Survey 2020. 

As the contractor for the Annual Museum Survey 2020 we will operate as the Data Processor for each of the regional Museum Development providers.   Your survey responses will be stored and processed in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (2018)

No personal information will be published in publicly available reports or datasets or shared with other organisations. As the Data Processor, on behalf of the eight Museum Development providers, we supply the data generated through the survey along with the contact details of the individual providing the data survey return to each respective Museum Development provider. Links to your Museum Development regional privacy policies are provided below:

London Museum Development

Share Museums East

South East Museum Development

South West Museum Development (Data controller and processor for the South West)

East Midlands

West Midlands

Museum Development North East

Museum Development North West

Museum Development Yorkshire

Data sharing and open source data

Reports based on this survey will be published widely and made available on this webpage and the websites of regional Museum Development providers.  Data provided via the survey will be combined with those of other museums to produce publicly available reports.  The data will support sector advocacy, inform Museum Development business planning and sector wide strategic planning.  

The dataset will be published as open source data in 2022 to support further research. The aggregate data set generated by the survey in 2020 will be shared with our main funders, Arts Council England.

The dataset will be published as open source data on Museum Development websites from January 2022 – approximately one year after regional reports are published to support further research.  The datasets will not include financial information or any personal information generated by the survey process.  The aggregate data set generated by the survey in 2020 will be shared with our main funders, Arts Council England.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected]