What goes into a rights policy?

  • Governance – whose responsibility in an organisation?
  • Ownership – what sort of rights does / will the museum own?
  • Use – how does / will the museum make use of rights, either their own or the rights of others? In what sort of situations does this arise? What is the overall approach of the museum concerning copyright and IPR?
  • Management – what systems are in place (people and digital) to manage these rights?
  • Protection – how does / will the museum safeguard its own rights and the rights of others?
  • Access – what type of rights protected content is accessed by staff and the public? In what form?
  • Crediting – how does the museum credit rights holders and how/when does it expect to be credited?
  • Infringements – what happens when rights are infringed by
    museum or others? Is there a Notice and Take Down Policy?

Download our template below to help with the formatting of your internal policy.