Accreditation: The Accreditation Mentor report – guidance and format

This resource provides advice to Accreditation Mentors on what they should include in the report they submit to Arts Council England

Accreditation: Mentor-museum agreement template

This template is a suggested agreement between a museum and their Accreditation mentor

Accreditation: How to get the best from your relationship with your Accreditation Mentor

Our resource detailing what a museum can expect from their Accreditation Mentor and how to make the most of their expertise.

Accreditation: Guidelines for an annual review for museums and their Accreditation Mentors

Our guide for Accreditation Mentors on how to conduct a successful annual Accreditation review.

Accreditation: Accreditation Mentors – Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out about the role of Accreditation Mentors? Read our FAQ document to learn more.

Accreditation: Audit and action plan template

Our audit and action plan template will help you plan for achieving Museums Accreditation.

Accreditation: Policies, plans and evidence for Accreditation applications and returns

Our guide to the documents you need to provide for a successful Accreditation application or return

Accreditation: Our top tips

Find out our top 10 tips to make the Accreditation Standard work for you

Accreditation: Arts Council England’s guidance

Arts Council England's guidance for their Accreditation Scheme, which sets nationally agreed standards for museums in the UK