A woman stands next to a signpost with blank signs pointing in different directions. A yellow circle at the top of the signpost reads goals..Volunteer Review and Feedback Form

This review form template was developed for museums taking part in Rebuilding the Foundations by specialist volunteering consultant Linda Brandish. As well as opportunities for ongoing feedback, it’s good practice to set aside time for an informal review meeting with a volunteer a few weeks after they join you. You might agree to make notes; always be transparent about any records you keep. Consider a policy of offering the opportunity of an informal annual review meeting as well. Many volunteers will value the chance to reflect on and share feedback about their experience with you.

[This is a template. Adapt it to you own policies and working practices]


Volunteer role:

6 week or annual review:

How are you feeling about your volunteering?

What’s not so good? What could we do better?

Do you feel you need any additional support/training for your role? If so, what could help?

Anything you would like to feed back to staff/Trustees?

Signed by volunteer:

Signed by support volunteer/staff: