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Our Annual Survey of Museums

Each year we launch a survey in the South West asking museums, within the Accreditation scheme, to provide core data on their visitor numbers, educational engagement, financial operations and workforce.

Annual Museum Survey Highlights 2017-18 image of volunteer pointing to an engine with two men looking

Annual Survey of Museums Highlights 2017-2018

This data helps to demonstrate the social and economic value of museums across the South West both locally and regionally. It also provides a mechanism for museums to bench-mark their performance.

This data enables us to monitor the impact of Arts Council England investment in the museum and heritage sector in the South West and to advocate to funding bodies and government to sustain investment in the sector.


By encouraging museums and heritage organisations to adopt a simple and uniform way of reporting their headline operational data, we have collated a body of data that will enable museums to compare and benchmark themselves anonymously and confidentially to others in the museum sector.

an infographic showing the workforce data for the south west 2017-2018

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